About From Sinking

Oh, hi. I’m Mike, and I do stuff*.

I’m on Twitter, too. You can follow me there.

(*This usually means writing about music or video games, or sometimes both in the same article. I also do my share of band biographies, a spot of DJing, and I’ve been proud to work with Esben and the Witch for several years now. Amusingly, someone thought I deserved a Wikipedia page.)


3 Responses to About From Sinking

  1. Lucy says:

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to see you do this… if you ever need or can/work out how to post pics up here – just give me shout innit.

    But thank god *breathes a sigh of relief* I was wondering where I was going to find musical guidance! I felt lost! x

  2. Shain says:

    welcome to the world of nonsensical bloggish ramble mate.. good to have ya!

  3. Here, here. I’ll be bigging you up, to whoever happens to read my own ramblings.

    http://www.nickfuckinggill.com , that is.

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