Savage Pixels: the story so far

Some of you might know I write about video games when time allows. As I don’t have much time, I only get pen to paper once per month. But it keeps me happy. These columns, which I named Savage Pixels as it’s a play on the name I use to publish them, run on You can catch up with ’em by following the links below. If you like.

Savage Pixels #1 – review of L.A. Noire, and some stuff about Monkey Island and Earthworm Jim.

Savage Pixels #2 – obscure/awful consoles listed in a lovely ‘top five’ fashion, and some news from E3.

Savage Pixels #3 – Gears of War 3 gets a lengthy preview, review-like words are written on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Bodycount, El Shaddai and Dead Island, and some bargain buys get listed.

Savage Pixels #4 – a bumper preview special looking at the best of 2011’s games-to-come is followed by some gushing over GoW3, followed by further outpourings of acclaim for the month’s ‘Best. Game. Ever.’, Final Fantasy VII.

Savage Pixels #5 – Skyrim gets reviewed (love it, still), alongside Batman: Arkham City, and Polinski picks his favourite games of, like, ever before Streets of Rage 2 gets showered in its own Best. Game. Ever. glory.

Savage Pixels #6 – The top 10 multi-format games of 2011, featuring Portal 2, Dark Souls, Crysis 2 and other titles What Were Really Good last year.

Savage Pixels #7 – a number of sequels/threequels get previewed, including Mass Effect 3, Half-Life is the Best. Game. Ever., and Slimes chats games that he really likes.

Savage Pixels #8 – the PlayStation Vita gets road-tested… well, train-tested… plus there are reviews of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Catherine and The Darkness II, alongside a fantastic selection of personal faves from that there Johnny Foreigner band.


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