Loving this right now (right now being the end of August 2011)

So much good music, so little time. A kinda digest of what’s been in the ears lately…

Gazelle Twin – This girl’s got an album out now, called The Entire City (a ‘proper’ physical release is due on September 5). After some initial hesitancy I’m now pretty enraptured by her work. Think Fever Ray – albeit Fever Ray from the British seaside.

Gazelle Twin – I Am Shell I Am Bone

Nazca Lines – This Seattle outfit reminds me of loads of great post-hardcore bands I loved in the late 90s and early 00s (At the Drive-In, Hot Snakes, Fugazi). Their second album, Hyperventilation, just came out on the Stressed Sumo label and I covered it for the BBC here.

Nazca Lines – Bones In Boxes

Vondelpark – London/Surrey trio on the rise, Vondelpark are all dusky after-party vibes and post-chill ambiance. Their latest EP, nyc stuff and nyc bags, is reviewed over here. They manage to say a lot without doing a great deal. Props to Ghostpoet for tipping this lot my way.

Vondelpark – Camels

Stumbleine – More music in the vein of something half-remembered from a night out you never had. Sean Adams of DrownedinSound.com fame posted a link to this guy’s Soundcloud on my Facebook page a few days ago; I didn’t leave said collection of tracks for about three hours. Sounds like a hundred other things, but brilliantly so rather than in a derivative sense. Pop it in your cans and lose yourself for four.

Stumbleine – Ember

Hudson Mohawke – If you don’t know about this fella, make it a mission to do so. Get everything. He’s got one album out already, Butter, and his latest EP, Satin Panthers (review), keeps finding its way to the top of my iTunes. One reason: it’s the best five-tracker of 2011. The track below: so rude.

Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay

Of course there’s loads more. But take that five and run with it. Should keep you sweaty a while.


One Response to Loving this right now (right now being the end of August 2011)

  1. Sean Adams says:

    Wanna be my date for Gazelle Twin next week?

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