I swear my voice doesn’t always sound like this (a Mixcloud thing).

Katy B

Okay, it does. It’s way more reedy than even my lamest of dreams ever foresaw. But whatcha gonna do? I’ll tell you what: you get a couple of beers in, a couple of portions of chips, collect together some CDs with a friend and record a Quarter One Report. Albums from the first three months of 2011, discussed. Some, we like. Others, nah. Crap records need love, too, I appreciate that. But there are enough simpletons out there buying this turd-shovelling stuff that I don’t have to acknowledge even the slightest slip of a positive should one be found amongst 12 box-ticking tracks of aural excrement.

(PS: I don’t mean Katy B. Katy B is great. If Katy B was to fill my ears with anything warm and brown it’d be chocolate sauce and I would enjoy it. Find me a few biscuit fingers, I’ll entertain myself for at least the length of one of her fine-indeed modern dance-pop numbers. And then continue the party in A&E.)


Dis Radio 2011 – Sean Adams & Mike Diver's Q1 Report by Drownedinsound on Mixcloud


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