Favourite albums of March 2011 – these are they

FaltyDL You Stand Uncertain

Like it says. Click here to head over the the BBC Music Blog to read about my picks of March’s new album releases. The standout: FaltyDL’s You Stand Uncertain, on Planet Mu. It’s rare, truly, that a record best bracketed – using broad BBC pigeonholes – as Dance & Electronica shines brightest come the end of a month for me. Try though I might to appear on-trend in terms of what’s inside my ears, I do tend to gravitate towards music of a rather more rock slant (at least that’s what my last.fm stats suggest – though it should be said here, for the record, that most of those Radiohead, Beck and Flaming Lips plays are the result of my wife’s pitifully small iPod, which she rarely updates). It’s my upbringing: Zeppelin and Floyd, not Kraftwerk and Eno. But this, this is a winner. File beside: awesome.

And if I was to pick a second-place runner from the pack, lifting them out for special close-but-not-quite congratulations, there’s only one… well, not winner. One first loser. Julianna Barwick’s The Magic Place on Asthmatic Kitty. What a wonderfully enveloping, otherworldly piece of soundcraft. It’s a new horizon around your head, fuzzy and bright and warm and welcoming. After the beats of FaltyDL, this is the perfect comedown.


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