Video games. I play them. When I get an hour. Which is rare.

Weirdly I have become more interested in video games as I have got older. Yes, I had a console as a teenager (Master System, and then a Mega Drive; then, for no good reason, a Mega CD), but a few years ago I got made redundant, bought an Xbox 360, and the rest is Achievements history. So I figure it’d be a way to kill time nice thing to do, to post details of three games that I am looking forward to in 2011.

LA Noire

Now this, this, has the potential to be my game of the year. Granted, it’s looking a lot like Grand Theft Auto set in 1940s LA, just as Red Dead Redemption set GTA’s mechanics in the Wild West. But I’m all for a game that can be picked up quickly and enjoyed from the off. Release date is May 20. Excited.

Batman: Arkham City

Loved Arkham Asylum, and this looks like it’s going to live up to high expectations. If the gameplay’s been tweaked – so you don’t just play the whole game in stealth/detective mode – then it’ll get an additional thumbs-up from me. Which would be three. And impossible. (LOOK! IT’S HUGO STRANGE!)

Mass Effect 3

OMG! Reapers on Earth! Amazeballs… maybe. ME2 was my favourite game of last year – it kept me properly gripped ’til the very end (and I made sure I did everything). So this… this… this could own my life once it’s out, which should be before Christmas. And Clint Mansell‘s doing the soundtrack, which is amazing. Might go revisit ME2, to get ready likes…


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