Reboot. (And some videos.)

Wow, I’d forgotten about this. But I think it’s time to bring it back online. And why not start – now that all the bru-ha-ha over its final five has been and (mostly) gone – with the BBC’s Sound Of 2011 poll.

I contributed three names, as I had twice before. One made the longlist of 15 names; and that same one appeared on the top five. Which was nice for him, him being James Blake. His debut album, an eponymous number, is fairly far from instantaneous. (Read the BBC review HERE.) But within its depths are treats, tickling sounds that emanate from a quite singular talent. He’s far from the finished article, but I’m sure his will be one of the finest debuts of 2011 when everything finds itself reassessed in several months’ time.

This sampler – which appeared on the Magical Mystery ‘Net this very day – will illustrate – WITH SOUND – just how very unlikely-to-break-the-singles-chart Blake is, right now.

Anyway, those other two names: Trophy Wife and Darkstar. The former are on tour right now with the band I am chuffed to be co-manager of, Esben and the Witch – they call at Bristol Louisiana tonight, and Brighton Pavilion tomorrow. Darkstar’s debut album North came out via Hyperdub late last year and slotted comfortably into my own Albums of the Year list… which I might as well sling up here in a mo. Meantime: check out the videos below if you’ve been living under a rock, with your fingers in your ears, on the dark side of the Moon, and these are Brand New Names to you. Cos you just might enjoy.

Trophy Wife – The Quiet Earth

Darkstar – Gold

Jessie J? Like a hideous, hackneyed, too-late-in-the-game hybrid of a Duffy warbler dying in a sea of soundalikes and a Gaga-production-line ‘oddball’ without the core charisma to match the highly studied aesthetic eccentricity. Do it like a dude? How’s about I do myself a favour and turn the telly over every time your horrible lips appear on it. (And here is the disclaimer: this view is my own, not that of the BBC, etc.)


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