The first 50 records that come to mind that have been worth your money in 2008

Because it’s November and in a few weeks you won’t be able to move for lists…

(PS: List in no order, and there are probably omissions obvious to me later… these are just all ace, simple as.)

Why? – ‘Alopecia’ (Tomlab)

Cadence Weapon – ‘Afterparty Babies’ (Big Dada)

Deerhunter – ‘Microcastle’ (4AD)

No Age – ‘Nouns’ (Sub Pop)

Fuck Buttons – ‘Street Horrrsing’ (ATP)

TV On The Radio – ‘Dear Science’ (4AD)

Flying Lotus – ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)

Johnny Foreigner – ‘Waited Up Til It Was Light’ (Best Before)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!’ (Mute)

Rolo Tomassi – ‘Hysterics’ (Hassle)


Lovvers – ‘Think’ (Wichita)

Errors – ‘It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever’ (Rock Action)

Pluxus – ‘Solid State’ (Kompakt)

The Bug – ‘London Zoo’ (Ninja Tune)

Portishead – ‘Third’ (Island)

Foals – ‘Antidotes’ (Transgressive)

Youthmovies – ‘Good Nature’ (Drowned in Sound)

Abe Vigoda – ‘Skeleton’ (Bella Union)

Wild Beasts – ‘Limbo, Panto’ (Domino)

Torche – ‘Meanderthal’ (Hydra Head)


Dananananaykroyd – ‘Sissy Hits’ (Holy Roar)

Late of the Pier – ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ (Parlophone)

Mogwai – ‘The Hawk Is Howling’ (Wall of Sound)

Gang Gang Dance – ‘St Dymphna’ (Warp)

Times New Viking – ‘Rip It Off’ (Matador)

The Week That Was – ‘The Week That Was’ (Memphis Industries)

The Ruby Suns – ‘Sea Lion’ (Memphis Industries)

Pyramids – ‘Pyramids’ (Hydra Head)

Enablers – ‘Tundra’ (Majic Wallet)

Remember Remember – ‘Remember Remember’ (Rock Action)


Russian Circles – ‘Station’ (Suicide Squeeze)

These Arms Are Snakes – “Tail Swallower And Dove’ (Suicide Squeeze)

Ponytail – ‘Ice Cream Spiritual’ (We Are Free)

Eugene McGuinness – ‘Eugene McGuinness’ (Domino)

This Town Needs Guns – ‘Animals’ (Big Scary Monsters)

Lords – ‘Everyone Is People’ (Gringo)


Of Montreal – ‘Skeletal Lamping’ (Polyvinyl)

Hauschka – ‘Fendorf’ (FatCat)

Charlottefield – ‘What Are Friends For’ (FatCat)


Black Mountain – ‘In The Future’ (Jagjaguwar)

The War On Drugs – ‘Wagonwheel Blues’ (Secretly Canadian)

British Sea Power – ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’ (Rough Trade)

Beach House – ‘Devotion’ (Bella Union)

Mystery Jets – ‘Twenty One’ (sixsevennine)

Hercules & Love Affair – ‘Hercules & Love Affair’ (DFA/EMI)

This Will Destroy You – ‘This Will Destroy You’ (Magic Bullet)

Vessels – ‘White Fields and Open Devices’ (Cuckundoo)

Volcano! – ‘Paperwork’ (Leaf)

Jaguar Love – ‘Take Me To The Sea’ (Matador)


9 Responses to The first 50 records that come to mind that have been worth your money in 2008

  1. Luke Slater says:

    Wot no Shit And Shine?

  2. sean says:

    What I would like to know is
    a) how many albums have you listened to this year
    b) to have listened to all 50 of these more than 10 times would take a very long time, how long do you estimate this would be?
    thank you

  3. mikediver says:

    How many albums? Three or four a day at most. You gotsta keep atop of things innit.

    I’ve not listened to all of these albums 10 times. Need I? Some only two or three times. None just once, mind.

    I imagine I spend A LOT of my time listening to albums an’ ting… five to six hours a working day, and sometimes more on the weekends depending on what’s cooking.

  4. lyle says:

    Some things that will be in my top50, some that won’t…

    I think in mine there’ll be
    Josephine Foster
    the Sleeping years
    Gregor Samsa
    Darker My Love
    Last Harbour
    Fighting with wire
    Fern Knight
    Ex Reverie

  5. sean says:

    btw my comment was meant to be sarcastic, ya fool!

  6. Winton Madela says:


    Lots of these records are shit, and you forgot the Sun Kil Moon LP, doofus.

  7. flynnduism says:

    nice list. i think my fave so far has been deerhunter, or maybe ponytail

    also really liked james blackshaw’s litany of echoes, adebisi shank and that grouper album…

  8. Emma says:

    There is a glaringly obvious omission in the shape of Los Campesinos!

  9. Mike says:

    Jeez that’s comprehensive. Nice work. Still so many of them that I need to track down, and it pains me.

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