British Sea Power at the BT Digital Music Awards

I went to the DMAs on Wednesday. Was okay – didn’t win owt (both DiS and Clash were nominated for awards) but the pie was edible and the few bottles of free red wine quaffable. Can’t say fairer than that. I’d feel different, obviously, if I’d personally paid for the ticket.

Met up with British Sea Power there, and spoke to Yan ahead of the band’s appearance at the awards (they were up, rather optimistically, for Band of the Year or some similarly titled award), for Read the full piece HERE, and an extract below…

Tell me about this Cornish fort you recorded ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’ in…
The fort was owned by the military, and they started doing exercises halfway through the recording. So you’d get a Chinook helicopter flying over, and dropping off a cannon. They’re impressive machines. I’m not into warfare, but the machinery and sounds involved are fucking amazing.

Not that you’d want it in your back garden, mind…
In this fort, you’d look out the window while doing a vocal, and you’d see these teenagers, new recruits, in full camouflage, with guns, sneaking around. They looked really innocent. The captain there heard me doing a vocal, for ‘Atom’, and he said it sounded worse than someone being tortured. And I got the impression that this was a person who’d actually heard someone being tortured for real…


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