Rewind: Unwound


Following my repeat-play rotation of Lovvers’ Think, today I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few Unwound albums. I’ve been dropping by their ‘tribute’ MySpace page fairly frequently of late, so it’s great to have some CDs to further my renewed interest.

The connection between Lovvers and Unwound is very, very tenuous – both bands are punk by basic design but miles apart in how they lay their music down – but in the latter you hear a timeless rawness distilled further and wilder in the former. Certainly there are plenty of ‘punk’ bands today whose ideas of what makes for intensity, of that dynamic of hold and release, could be broadened considerably by hearing Unwound.

Actually, fuck it. There’s no real connection whatsoever. I just wanted some sort of bridge between posts.

For those at the back: Unwound were DC hardcore sorts who should/could have mattered immensely in the mid-’90s (formed in ’91 and broke up ten years later), but they never quite made the waves of the similarly-pitched Fugazi (who do pre-date them, to be fair); they favoured all-ages shows, toured hard, and really helped Kill Rock Stars make a name for itself in the ’90s alongside Sleater-Kinney. They’re well worth your immediate investigation, as some of their material really hasn’t dated any. Follow that MySpace link in the above paragraph for a taster. They can (could) be as brutal as Young Windows and as tight as Burning Airlines, sometimes in the same song. Some phenomenal stuff in the catalogue, which is pretty expansive (I’ve only enough material to scratch the surface at present).

I’m off now to play their last-ever album, Leaves Turn Inside You (from which the below song is taken). I’ve never heard it before. Exciting times.

Video: Unwound, ‘Scarlette

2 Responses to Rewind: Unwound

  1. henry says:

    Keep it up Mike! Unwound are incredible, check out ‘Repetition’, ‘Unwound’ and ‘New Plastic Ideas’

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