If only more bands made me feel like Lovvers do…

Which is a peculiar electric, a tingle that runs the length of a body always caught mid-convulsion, an arm flailed or a leg at right angles to its hip. Y’seen them live? Oh, do so: head to MySpace for a sample song and datesss.

The band’s debut ‘album’ (if you can call it an album, clocking in as it does at around 13 minutes) is called Think and I’ve almost worn my copy out; thankfully merciful PR company sent me two, result. I think it’s out in September, but it might be October. Wichita do the business.

Those who know me will feel that posts so far play like some sort of broken record. Sorry, but I absolutely love these wide-eyed kids without weight yet on their shoulders, the trials of an industry perpetually eating itself yet to bear down with impressive force. In their innocence is a strange hope for people like me (oh, boo hoo at me) who’ve wallowed long enough in the pits of heavily-playlisted mediocrity.

Here’s to two steps back, one smile forward.


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